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Piri Piri Chicken

Piri Piri Rotisseries was the dream of a young entrepreneur Antoine C. Assuncao, his goal was to be the first to open a chain of Portuguese Rotisseries serving delicious and traditional Chicken & Grilled meats prepared quickly in front of customers.

Piri Piri Chicken


- Assist in choosing, negotiating and leasing locations
- Assist in construction
- Train franchisee/manager on the technical and managerial aspects of the business
- Provide guidance and support in the pre-launch of the business
- Provide on-site support during opening
- Provide continuous guidance and support post-opening

Net Worth

Liquid Capital

$350,000 - $700,000

Purchase Startup Cost


Franchise Fee


Available Locations
What is your timeline to franchise ownership?
What are your available means to invest?

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