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911 Restoration

911 Restoration

911 Restoration is a nationally-trusted brand with branches all across the U.S. and Canada. With disaster restoration customers in high demand, we are always looking to grow with those that want more than just a fire and water restoration business opportunity, but also those that want to be connected to an organization that creates a better future for all.

Founded in 2003, Hurricane Katrina became a catalyst for expanding the business in North America. Currently ranked as the top restoration franchise in the US with 110+ franchisee owners across 260+ territories and growing. We find joy in growth and see opportunities within crisis. We’re agents of change and seek to create opportunities for others to learn, grow and transform.


- High Revenue

- High Customer Transactions

- Multiple Revenue Streams

- Recession Resistant

- National Accounts

- 24/7 Call Center

- Technology Driven

- Marketing Support

- 100% Exclusive Territories

CAN = $35,000
USA = $49,000

Franchise Fee


Available Locations

CAN = $75,000
USA = $40,000

Liquid Capital

CAN = $91,000 - $223,000
USA = $106,000 - $218,400

Purchase Startup Cost

CAN = $200,000
USA = $150,000

Net Worth
What is your timeline to franchise ownership?
What are your available means to invest?

Thank you for your submission!

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