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B-Protek Concrete Resurfacing

B-Protek Concrete Resurfacing

With over 10 years of experience in concrete resurfacing, B-Protek is a young rapidly growing and dynamic company. We are already well established in 30 territories with franchisee partners in operation. In order to introduce its garage, outdoor and indoor concrete floor finishing services throughout Canada, B-Protek is offering you one or more of its available territories.

We are a modern franchisor who likes to be surrounded by talented business partners. We structure our business relationships so talent can be recognized and used for the continuous improvement of our business model.

We will support you! You will have all the knowledge and tools in hand to succeed and you will never again feel powerless. You don’t have to be the best today, we’ll train you so you can be the best tomorrow!

USA Brochure (when applicable)

- Well developed and efficient operational
and financial processes

- Brand notoriety and image

- Flexible and adapted ongoing support

- Home based business

- A proven marketing strategy:
advertising, merchandising and a well
developed website

- Access to a supply chain

- Complete training and proven techniques

- A continuous improvement and process review environment, where you can evolve.


Franchise Fee

All of Canada

Available Locations

$75,000 - $100,000

Liquid Capital

$109,500 - $116,000

Purchase Startup Cost

$ 250,000

Net Worth
What is your timeline to franchise ownership?
What are your available means to invest?

Thank you for your submission!

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